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Re:think | Re:build | Re:load

ScaleUp Porto was launched as a collective effort to develop a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in the city of Porto. It all started with the launch of a Manifesto built by the innovation stakeholders in the city.

Since then, ScaleUp Porto has been working in topics such as:

  • Funding
  • Access to Market
  • Talent and Knowledge
  • Technology and Communities

One of the Manifesto pillars focuses on the ecosystem assessment and adjustment of the strategy. And that’s why we are now developing a structured study to have a deeper understanding of the evolution of the ecosystem and impact of the strategy.

A study for deeper understanding

In a time when ScaleUp Porto is evaluating the ecosystem, it challenges stakeholders to discuss the future.

  • Academia
  • Communities
  • Investors
  • Corporate
  • Incubators and Accelerators
  • Entrepreneurs

All together, we are building a stronger ecosystem. So, in the end of this study process, results will be shared so every stakeholder becomes aware of the existing needs and opportunities.

You are also part of this future!