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Masterclass ScaleUp Porto Returned Security Theme With Avi Douglen And Luisa Lima

For the fifth time, ScaleUp Porto again addressed the cybersecurity theme in the masterclass “Threat modeling to design security”, which included experts Avi Douglen and Luisa Lima.

It was before a crowded auditorium that Avi Douglen, founder and CEO of Bounce Security, a company dedicated to security software consulting, presented the model of his own “Designing for Security: the threat modeling approach” that made it one of the most renowned experts on the subject of cybersecurity.

In an intervention marked by informality, Avi Douglen demonstrated, through different case studies, some of the most common vulnerabilities in software development and made several suggestions to counteract this trend.

“We always think that we are doing a great job, that we are in control of operations and that nothing can affect us. However, we should never start from this principle, we should question everything and everyone regarding security. Security is everybody’s job”, said the guest speaker.

Israeli Avi Douglen then moved on to a step-by-step guide, providing the public with tips and tools to improve and secure all procedures related to protecting a company’s systems, programs, network infrastructure, networks and data.

The second part of this masterclass was marked by the presentation by Luisa Lima, head of Fyde‘s engineering team in Porto. The guest brought to Porto Innovation Hub the theory “Zero Trust Security: a primer”, based on security perimeters.

The closing of this session was marked by questions from the audience, who exchanged daily experiences with both experts.