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There are no recipes for success. The secret is in the idea, the execution, the way resources are managed, and the motivation of those who want to start or work on a new project. It is essential to know the entrepreneurship ecosystem to have access to its opportunities.

It is essential to understand this world of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. Knowing and mastering the ecosystem can be a first step to understanding the value it generates, and having access to the resources it makes available to you, your companies, or your communities.

The entrepreneurship ecosystem is a network of entities and individuals actively working to generate value by harnessing innovation and technology. From communities to startups, from investors to incubators, these stakeholders work to create and seize opportunities.

“Who are the most active players in the ecosystem?”; “Who are those who could identify with my project?”; “Which incubation and acceleration programs would I like to participate in?”; “What type of investment am I looking for and which investors are most active?”; “What open opportunities currently exist in the ecosystem?”, “Which communities does it make sense for me to join?”; “Which new startups and those that have grown the most?”. 

All this information can be found here, on this interactive map.

Other more practical questions, such as the tax context or funding sources, may prove challenging to know. In that sense, you can explore all the information in the Toolkit for Startup Investment.