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Start & Scale Week 2021

Start & Scale Week 2021 is back! And it’s dedicated to celebrating technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

This edition, dedicated to “Future Shapers” wants to celebrate the founders’ work and those who will become entrepreneurs, investors, enablers, and communities. A special edition – 100% digital – full of stories that shape the future and promote new opportunities!

With exclusive interviews and testimonials from those who played a leading role in the ecosystem, we have prepared a set of on-demand content that can be seen, starting on May 24th. Prepare your sofas and watch – whenever and wherever you want – the stories of people and organizations that build our future, available on the Future Shapers website.

But hold your curiosity for a few more days. We have more news! Besides this content, you can receive in your email (or at home) 20 pages of inspiration and sharing from some of the players of Porto’s technological ecosystem. And, yes, it’s free! All you need to do is fill out this small form.

While you are planning your audiovisual agenda, don’t forget that there are also other events you can be part of.

See you there?