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Doing Business Returns With An Eye On Health And, In A Single Day, Promotes More Than 100 Meetings Between 60 Organizations

Doing Business Health Edition arose from the identified need to explore synergies and generate more business between established companies in the Health area and startups with technology-based solutions.

Thus, ScaleUp Porto teamed up with EIT Health, the Health Cluster Portugal, UPorto Inovação and UPTEC, and defined an action plan to promote, on March 25th, the maximum number of 1:1 meetings between startups and R&D centers and more established organizations.

The startups and R&D centers, which did not need to be linked to the Health area, adhered in a significant way, with 75 entities registered in this virtual match-making event. On the corporate side, 26 large companies accepted the challenge of participating in the meetings, showing the sector’s willingness to innovate in the development of new products and services.

After registering for the event, each company had the opportunity to express its areas of interest and, based on common ground, the organization scheduled more than 100 30-minute meetings in which large companies and startups had the opportunity to explore partnerships and new business.

Before the day of the event, the organization promoted a programme to prepare the startups – the Road to Doing Business – for ‘D-Day’. Throughout three online sessions, the participants from the startups side received tips and strategies to work on their approach to potential clients and partners. These sessions’ themes were: the emotional and rational impact on the buying and selling process in B2B; how to prepare a diagnosis according to competitive advantages; and, finally, how to present the value proposition keeping the focus on the understanding between the parties involved. Also, under the Road to Doing Business, a fourth session was held, this time open to the public, under the theme “Corporates & Startups – How to make the relationship work” and which included representatives from the startups Taikai and HealthySystems and from the companies CUF and Sonae MC.