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Founders Unconference Promoted Two Days Dedicated To National Founders

In two days, 17 and 18 December, Founders Unconference brought together national founders with experience in growing a startup. The initiative supported by the Call for Activities ScaleUp Porto sought to place the knowledge and learning of the “founders” at the service of the community.

The Founders Founders Association brought together 50 founders of portuguese startups in Porto with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge about the business. This first meeting of the portuguese “doers” took place at Maus Hábitos, within the scope of the Founders Unconference, an initiative supported by the Call for Activities ScaleUp Porto 2019.

On the table, there were topics such as: “How to manage culture and attract the best talents?”; “How to raise money and how to scale to new markets?”

The program also included several practical challenges, from a kitchen masterclass, a cocktail workshop and an activity whose objective was to create a product to sell to founders.

In the end, among the main conclusions of the initiative, several key concepts remained, considered necessary by the approximately 60 participating founders: internationalization, sale of a product/pilot, fundraising, growth, corporate culture, transparency, remote work and management.