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Welcome To StartUP Juventude

StartUP Juventude is a project from Fundação da Juventude, with 500m2 for incubation and coworking space in Porto, addressed to young people between 18 and 35 years old.

The project seeks to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and help them with the creation of their own companies. The general goal is to support young people when getting in their active professional life.

The project is supported by two incubators (NIDE), one in Porto and another one in Lisbon. Both spaces are members of the National Network of Incubators, created by the StartUP Portugal initiative.

But the project is far more than a physical space. In these incubators, young entrepreneurs will find an infrastructure of ongoing support. Entrepreneurs can find here the initial support to create or expand their own business, aid in the access to sources of financing and all common services of incubators: shared services, promotion and management support. Networking is another goal of the project.

The project wants to promote the exchange of contacts and experiences between young entrepreneurs, offering a range of opportunities for networking and training, such as workshops, seminars and participation in national and international projects. To help to conquer this target the project has the support of the city of Porto, a main partner of this initiative.

For Ricardo Carvalho, Fundação da Juventude’s President, StartUP Juventude is:

“…more than a strategy to support the creation and implementation of startups; it is an important tool that ensures the longevity of companies as engines of job creation and creators of economic value.”

The Porto NIDE space is located at Rua Costa Cabral, enjoying a good public transport network and is intended to recent graduates with basic professional experience. The building has fourteen offices with capacity for 36 entrepreneurs, a coworking space with capacity for 18 people, a lounge area, a meeting room and a kitchen.

Want more information?Visit the website and discover more about StartUP Juventude program.