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Road To Doing Business: Cycle Of Online Conferences Prepares Startups To Do Business

As part of the 5th edition of the Doing Business activity, ScaleUp Porto, in partnership with UPTEC, will promote five online conferences, between the 27th and 30th of April. These initiatives, dedicated to registered startups, are also open to the community.

The second phase of Doing Business is about to begin. This activity promotes meetings between startups and mature organizations in order to promote business development. In this new chapter, a training cycle, entitled “Road to Doing Business”, is planned, which will consist of five online conferences. These sessions aim to increase the chances of success of the online meetings that will be held next month.

The first session will focus on the “The strategy to define pricing”, one of the biggest challenges that startups face when launching their innovative products and services. The session will be led by Tiago Ribeiro, professor of economics.

This is followed by a conference dedicated to the “Strategic sales process”, where Angel Garrorena, a consultant specialized in acceleration programs, will address the Lean Sales methodology, supporting the design of the sales process, its phases and actions, in addition to the necessary tools to support it successfully.

The third online conference will be in charge of guest Daniel Pinheiro, trainer at the UPTEC Startup School, since 2015. In a more restricted session, the guest will promote several exercises to facilitate the communication of ideas in the digital context, to increase the effectiveness of the message transmitted . The session is entitled “Pitch – Communication and Expression”.

In the session “Startups & Mature Organizations Cooperation”, led by the duo Sonja Moosburger, managing director of MediaMarktSaturn N3XT, and Rafael Pires, manager of the IT Labs experimentation program at SonaeMC (BIT) and the Experimentation area at Associação Porto Digital, that will focus on cases and best practices in cooperation between startups and mature organizations.

Finally, in a session organized in partnership with Porto Business School, the theme of the “Innovation Strategy” as a method for competitiveness will be addressed, in a session promoted by Rui Coutinho, Director of the Center for Innovation at this School.

This year, due to the context created by the COVID-19 crisis, the Doing Business activity moved into the digital world. The presence of 34 mature organizations is confirmed, which are available to meet with each of the startups that have already submitted their application through the official website of this initiative.