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Porto Summer Of Code Promises To Boost Porto’s Tech Scene

The biggest technological event in Porto, the “Port Summer of Code” (PSC), is already scheduled! On 9th, 10th and 11th of September, the Palácio dos Correios, Gabinete do Munícipe, will open doors to all those who accepted the challenge of developing software projects. These will be presented in a session open to the public during the last day of the event.

The competition was born in 2014 and is organized by former students of the University of Porto, in collaboration with AlumniEI-FEUP and in partnership with FEUP and Porto City Hall.

The interested participants should build a team up to 4 elements to develop and present their project. The teams composed by students will be guided by mentors and professionals from the sponsoring companies throughout the competition. The three best teams and the best project developed exclusively by students will be awarded. Furthermore, the list of prizes can reach the value of 6000 euros!

The Port Summer of Code is known as an initiative that allows participants a great contact with professionals of excellence and some of the best technology companies in a national and international range, opening doors to the possibility of becoming potential employers and promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience . It is precisely in this event that the first steps of developing a project that might be successful in the future, are taken.

The event celebrates its 3rd edition and has several sponsors, including: Cisco, Doist, GitHub, Farfetch, Mindera, I2S, Toptal, MetaLab, Digital Ocean, Agile Bits and Twilio. There will be workshops not only for the participants but also for the public in general. The workshops approach various themes such as virtual reality, hardware maintenance, craft beer , among others.

The PSC is a non-profit event where all members of the organization work pro bono basis. The main objective is to raise the city of Porto as a reference in technological scene and improve society by providing personal and interpersonal growth and transmission of “values of respect, collaboration and friendship, encouraging the group problem solving and for the greater good”.

“The Port Summer of Code still want to fill a void of technological programming events in Porto and be a reference for all enthusiasts for the development of software and programming, providing new generations an event that did not exist in the past.”

Registration is now underway and attendance is free.

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