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Startups Vs Covid-19: News, Supporting Measures, Advices And Tips To Face The Pandemic (updating)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, startups of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Porto seek, every day, new opportunities, new business models, new strategies and solutions to face the challenges caused by the coronavirus. This scenario led to the creation of a dynamic ScaleUp Porto blogpost, updated daily, with the most relevant news for startups’ founders and employees.

This dynamic blogpost is divided into seven distinct areas: International Support, National Support, Opportunities, Ecosystem News, News for CEO’s and Founders, News for Employees and Opinion Articles.

These articles are the result of a daily ScaleUp Porto clipping and will be published here, whenever they are considered relevant for startups of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Porto. If you wish to contribute to this list, send us your proposals to

International Support:

[March 16] European Union Initial Response for Startups

[May 5] Southern European investors unite to boost startups

[May 25] Data startups acceleration program launches new call (until May 31)

National Support:

[April 21] Government presents seven measures to support startups

[April 24] Como aceder aos apoios do Governo?

[May 19] Google helps Portuguese retailers in internationalization processes


[May 4] Portugal Ventures has 18 million for startups

[May 13] EIT Digital Data Against Covid-19


[May 4] Startup Voucher program support deadline extended



[May 11] Sonae MC seeks startups with retail technology (until June 30)

[May 11] Ageas Portugal and H-Farm are looking for innovative insurtech startups (until July 20)


[April 21] Portuguese Indico and Google launch program to accelerate startups. It’s 100 thousand euros per company

[May 4] Portugal Ventures has 18 million for startups


Online event agenda, created by Startup Portugal

[March 28] Launch of Calendhall (online event aggregator)

Ecosystem News:

[March 25] Creation of the Tech4Covid19 spontaneous movement

[March 26] Results of the 1st FES Agency / The Aliados Consulting survey

[April 29] Barkyn triples revenue. Search for dog food shoots during confinement

[12 de maio] Portuguese Tech Entrepreneurs Join Forces To Create Websites And Apps That Help In The Fight Against The Coronavirus

[May 13] The vast majority of startups did not fire, but seven out of 10 reduced costs

News for CEO’s and Founders:

[March 1] Work four days a week? There are those who do

[March 1] Good practices in remote work

[March 12] CEO: how to deal with the coronavirus

[March 18] Survival strategy for startups

[April 14] 16 Alternatives to Zoom

[May 11] Help4Covid19: platform gathers and disseminates requests for help caused by the pandemic – 

News for Employees:

[March 18] Workspace organization

[March 18] Exercises to do at home

[March 18] Tips for improving a video conference

[March 18th] 10 Tips for workspaces

[May 6] How to find the best Zoom background

Opinion Articles:

[March 19] Shut-down or an opportunity?

[March 21] 61 Decision-makers share steps to save the national economy

[April 10] Can our cell phones stop the pandemic?

[April 11] Parallelism between Apollo 13 disaster and Covid-19

[April 14] The end of the office as we know it

[April 18] What will the new normal look like?

[April 18] Will there be a Big Brother watching over us?

[May 5] Technology and ethics in a pandemic time

[May 5] Zero contact policy?

[May 7] The country and the world in startup mode

[May 8] Support and incentives for startups

[May 8] How do VCs invest in pandemic times

[May 12] Brave new digital world, more human than ever

[May 18] The intellectual property Covid-19 times

[May 19] 10 years in 10 weeks: Covid-19 and the digital transition