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Porto. It’s Time To Rise And ScaleUp!

In the last decade Europe has been witnessing a significant overall change in the paradigm of entrepreneurship and innovation. Hundreds of startups all across Europe have reached a problem/solution fit, found their first customers and entered the loop of funding rounds. They are now ready to scale!

It is essential to bring together the several players of the ecosystem to co-create the most appropriate strategies to develop an environment that supports business growth and promotes the implementation of new strategies. That’s why ScaleUp Porto appears.

Having the main challenges faced by ready-to-scale companies in mind, the city is focusing on high potential companies, promoting their access to financing, talent, customers and knowledge.

When questioned why the city is now betting on scaleups, Rui Moreira, the city Mayor, promptly says:

“Most startups will fail, that’s the harsh reality. These companies need help to grow.”

With innovation and entrepreneurship in its DNA, the City of Porto is a vibrant ecosystem, that provides a fertile environment for the growth of these companies.

Porto takes another step towards the future, showing that cities are ready to become a central hub by linking the players, and to be a living lab, connecting companies to citizens and daily challenges. Working in a network, European Cities, can provide a unique platform to help companies build reputation, credibility and increase sales opportunities.

The City of Porto and UPTEC, in partnership with ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação, S.A.Porto Business School and Instituto Politécnico do Porto, invite you to join a Scaleup movement. All the stakeholders must come together to co-create and support the implementation of an innovative scaleup framework, where European cities can have a unique role as catalysts of sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Stand. Start. Scale!