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One Day To Deep Dive Into Data And Improve The City

137 participants, 30 teams, 12 hours to hack data and improve the city – Hackacity was back in town!

Data scientists and data enthusiasts got together to work in 30 different solutions, using data provided by the city, with the goal of testing data and to trigger the improvement of the quality of life in the city.

Participants profile

Data Scientist, DataAnalysts, ​Data Engineers, Students and Researchers coming from different backgrounds and from different organisations joined this challenge.

The teams were evaluated by a panel of judges coming from academia, companies and the city. Evaluation criteria considered the clarity of the solution concept, technical difficulty in the approach, extraction of interesting insights from exploratory data analysis, improvement of data quality, practical usefulness and applicability of the presented ideas.

Now it’s time to take all the learnings and to keep evolving these solutions and keep improving our data. The city and the community will keep working together to develop a stronger ecosystem where technology is used to improve quality of life in the city.