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Daniel Pinheiro was the third guest in the “Road to Doing Business” cycle. The actor focused his session on ttechnoqies to imrpove non-verbal communication in digital meetings.

For the third consecutive day, “Road to Doing Business” had a new webinar. The new topic was “Pitch – Communication and Expression”, with Daniel Pinheiro, actor and trainer at UPTEC’s School of Startups. The session had one main goal: “demystifying the idea that communication in the digital world is less demanding than in the physical world”.

Communication goes way beyond words. By developing breathing and posture exercises, understanding the occupation of space or even your framing on a screen, you can improve your online communication process, thus complementing the message about your technology, product, service or business.

In an informal and relaxed format, taking advantage of web cameras and open microphones, the 30 participants were invited to work in ways to become “more empathetic and even more effective in the way we think and put our communication into practice”.

According to Daniel Pinheiro, “each one of us has their own way of communicating. What matters the most is our ability to adapt to a new reality, where the digital space is prevailing. This should not limit us, though. The screen that separates us from our interlocutor cannot make us forget that we have a body, and that body must be active and in line with the message that we want to tell”. That’s why we have to work to make the proper pauses in the speech, to activate the body, to understand the better framing on screen, and to be aware of the surroundings.

“I am sure that the period we are going through will promote new forms of expression and will bring us new capabilities. So, we need our bodies and minds to adapt, as quickly as possible, to this new reality”, he said.

Regarding the support presentations that are usually so valuable to pitch a solution, Daniel says they should “only be used as a support, they can never be more relevant than you as a messanger”. “You have to be original, memorable, unique and empathetic”.

“Road to Doing Business” comes to an end this Thursday with two sessions. The first one will take place at 11 am and will be dedicated to the “Startups & Mature Organizations Cooperation”, with the presence of Sonja Moosburger and Rafael Pires. The closing session, will start at 5 pm with Rui Coutinho, discussing “Innovation Strategy”.

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