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It’s Official: Talkdesk Is In Porto!

After Lisbon and San Francisco, the world leader in the development of software solutions for call centers, chose the city of Porto to open its second office in Portugal.

With 1.200 clients in more than 50 countries, Talkdesk has 250 employees and was considered by Forbes magazine as the company with the greatest potential to become the next Portuguese unicorn.

Talkdesk’s Engeneering Director, Pedro Torres, explains what sets Talkdesk appart from other software for call centers:

“One of the differentiators of this software is that it doesn’t require a telephone, hardware, coding or downloads, just a computer with an Internet connection and headphones. Talkdesk allows every company, of all sizes, in several activity sectors, to run a call center within minutes.”

Since it was founded in 2011 by Tiago Paiva and Cristina Fonseca, Talkdesk hasn’t stopped growing and the goal for 2017 is continue to grow sustainably. Pedro adds:

“One of the approaches is the growth of the development team, which will allow us to improve our product. 2017 is also the year to strengthen our presence in Europe and attract customers of bigger dimensions.”

To achieve these goals, Talkdesk is hiring 100 collaborators till the end of the year, who will join the team of Porto and Lisbon. The hiring areas range from Engineering, to Sales and Human Resources.

When questioned about the choice of the city of Porto as the new base for Talkdesk in Portugal, Pedro Torres highlights the growing visibility the city has achieved, as well as the quality of the universities and local industry, which make the city an important knowledge center.

The quality of the education and its strong connection to the industry, are commonly highlighted by several startups that decide to include Porto in their route. This tells us that Porto is on the right path to be a reference for entrepreneurship, as Peter Torres says:

“The city has been evolving very favorably in the last years and today it is an attraction center for companies and startups like never. It’s a city increasingly rich in entrepreneurship, capable of attracting the proper and necessary talent.”