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MINDERA – Software Crafters With Impressive Growth

Mindera is an emerging software startup that is based in the heart of Porto. The company uses technology to build products they are proud of, with brilliant people.

Based on the lean principles and self-management, Mindera builds high performance, resilient and scalable software systems to enable businesses. They develop projects by thinking agile, focusing on building value-adding products.

This startup came to life between May and September 2014. Besides the 18 short months of life, it grew very quickly, having now 110 coworkers.

At Mindera, they use technology to build products they are proud of, with people they love. They learn together while navigating through a collaborative environment. In fact, collaboration is key as the structure runs flat, meaning the teams work in a self-organizing and self-managing way.

But how is it possible? How does a tech startup grow so much in such a short period of time, running flat?

According to co-founder Paul Evans, Mindera is an on-going experiment, as they are constantly changing. That can be the main drive for their evolution – never being satisfied and always looking to be more and bigger. Other important points are the principles that rule their vision, such as:

  • Collaboration
  • Producing amazing work
  • Taking care of each other
  • Speak up

When you enter their office, it feels nicer than home. This playful environment helps building the culture of the company. You can notice people care for each other, but it doesn’t avoid them to get work done.


It is very important to keep companies that are making the difference and having international impact around. Mindera is a good example of collaboration as a growth facilitator. ScaleUp Porto will be working to involve all these players and provide tools to scaleups and startups that are working to grow.