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Masterclass: Evolving A Business Strategy – From Platform To Experiences

The duo Marta Sá and Benedict Singleton, partners at Rival Strategy, headquartered in London, England, traveled to Porto Innovation Hub this thursday to lead a masterclass dedicated to “Evolving business strategy – from platform to experience”.

Scale Up Porto promoted a masterclass, this time focusing on the evolution of business strategy through the user experience. During this session the founders of London studio Rival Strategy presented a number of examples and different strategies for better evolving business strategy by improving the user experience or driving an integrated view of a platform.

According to Marta Sá and Benedict Singleton, this last option “was used by some of the most successful companies in the world,” implying a “difference between platforms, not just digital things”. “We have to look at the platform as a whole and what users want and are able to do. We want to create platforms that add value so that users can connect more effectively”, explained the design expert.

The session consisted of two parts, starting with a lecture followed by a practical approach in which the participants shared some of the tools and ideas they developed in order to put them into practice in their companies or startups.

This project was attended by 48 people at Porto Innovation Hub facilities.