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Improve Porto

The door 73 in Infante D. Henrique Street, in Porto, opened to what was the first edition of Improve Porto. Technology, Culture and Community are the keywords of the initiative created by Porto i/o.

The event took place at the Port i/o Riverside, one of the two spaces dedicated to coworking created by Nuno Veloso. The idea of ​​bringing this concept to Porto is the result not only of his professional experience in several European countries but also and mainly of the know-how that the young entrepreneur acquired when he coordinated a space dedicated to coworking in Barcelona.

Coupled with the concept that has been implemented over two years in Porto and with the help of Ruba Nemekh, the need to “do something more for the city without having to wait for the initiatives of CMP but helping and work in parallel”, in an independent and direct way, arose.

The first edition of Improve Porto had as theme the sustainability of the Invicta and was attended by six moderators (co-workers of the Porto i/o) with expertise in the areas of Technology, Culture and Community.

The landscape in which the city lives today brought issues such as the expansion of tourism and the preservation of cultural identity, the lacking use of the city’s resources on a technological and human level as well as the failing communication between entities and universities.

For Technology the importance of creating a “tech cooperative Porto, a tech map and made in Porto” was highlighted. The need to make a stronger and more cohesive branding of Porto as tech hub also attracted the attention of the participants. The objective is to involve a more “interested and dedicated staff in the community” and thus guarantee a good general and broad knowledge of the city’s panorama tech, with the help of expats, local businesses and local talents. ”

Universities and educational institutes tend to “focus too much in archaic academic curriculum”, helping students finishing courses not prepared for the professional world. There is a lack of efficient methods that help young people to be able to respond to market needs. The existence of a “labor component over the years of university” was one of the solutions presented for Community.

“Regularization and sustainability” were the terms that have excelled in Culture, where it sought to “develop sustainable tourism, bringing positive impact to those who live in the city and its visitors” because “Culture is the everyday”. The protection of existing iconic places in the Invicta was a matter that concerned the young entrepreneurs. “Disneylandification”? No, we don’t want it, thank you.

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