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Fostering The Tech Ecosystem With Future Of Computing

The 2nd Summer School on Future of Computing is coming back to Porto! This year, the School will cover state-of-the-art topics, such as GPU-accelerated computing, as well as emergent and non-conventional computing technologies including quantum computing, neuromorphic computing and biochemical computing. The program, that is promoted by UPTEC and supported by ScaleUp Porto, features seminars and hands-on workshops given by experts from some of the best universities in Europe, as well as from reference companies like NVIDIA and IBM.


One of the highlights of this year’s edition is the workshop led by NVIDIA on GPU-accelerated computing. The use of GPUs has revolutionized artificial intelligence by accelerating the underlying machine learning algorithms. In this workshop, participants will learn the programming details of GPUs and get to know the most advanced applications of artificial intelligence. In addition, in this year’s edition, the Future of Computing will host a hands-on workshop led by IBM researchers, where participants will remotely access the IBM’s quantum computer. And much more.


The first day of the school will start with a seminar on the history of computing. The rest of the day will be filled with hands-on workshop on GPU Accelerated Computing with Python led by NVIDIA. The second day of the school will be dedicated to neuromorphic computing, while the third day will be filled by seminars and a hands-on workshop on quantum computation. The fourth day will address the field of chemical and biological computing, which includes a variety of non-conventional forms of computation. To conclude the School, the fifth day will be divided in a workshop dedicated to industry and a set of panels addressing educational and ethical issues related with the future of computing.


Last year, the first edition of Future of Computing, brought together 150 people from 10 different countries.

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