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Codavel Receives Investment Of 1.3 Million Euros

Codavel, a startup based in Porto, which developed a technology to make mobile apps faster, received an investment of 1.3 million euros, in a seed round, led by venture capital company Armilar Venture Partners, with the participation of Portugal Ventures, Glacier Ideas and 200M.

Codavel‘s proposal consists of software capable of reducing, between 20% and 80%, the time it takes to load content (image, video, among other formats). Thus, the user experience is always of high quality, even if internet access is not the best, regardless of whether it is a 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi network).

“We have already proven that we make a substantial difference in the users’ experience, even in the most adverse network conditions. For most industries, improving the user experience has a direct impact on revenue, and we help prevent the instability of communication networks from destroying the investment of these companies to ensure a perfect experience “, points out Rui Costa, CEO and co – founder of Codavel.

Headquartered in the Founders Founders association, this startup from Porto has a team of 11 people, 10 in Porto and one in San Francisco. Currently, Codavel is hiring five programmers to reinforce the Porto team. Vacancies are available through this page.