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Road to Doing Business – The strategy to define pricing

April 27, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Startups usually face a challenge setting the pricing for their innovative products and services, that can be competitive, yet profitable.

When you’re working with innovation, getting prices and revenue models right can make a difference when sealing the deal, while capturing a fair share of the value you create to your customers.

In this session, we will approach strategies to define prices, focusing specifically in the innovation context of new products and services.

We will have an overview of the economical theory behind it, as well as of the estimation methodologies for potential demand and price sensitivity.

But most of all, we will explore empirical methods to formulate and analyse discrete choice models, to describe, explain, and predict choices between two or more alternatives.

Jump in and get ready to do some business!


About the Road to Doing Business

In troubled times when collaboration can only bring an advantage to the ecosystem, together with UPTEC, ScaleUp Porto is promoting the 5th edition of Doing Business. In this activity, startups and mature organizations look for synergies through a set of match-making meetings.

Before these meetings, we are promoting this agenda of webinars where relevant topics will be discussed and will, hopefully, increase the chances of success in these meetings. These sessions were prepared considering the activity, but everyone is invited to join in.

Explore the full Road to Doing Business agenda and get ready to do some business!!




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