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Young Entrepreneurship Calling, Porto Answering

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Bob Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Nick D’Aloisio have in common? They all have a strong entrepreneurial spirit! Plus, all of them were younger than 25 when they started the development of multi-millionaire business. If for some the names don’t immediately ring a bell, the name of their creations must sound familiar. We’re talking about the minds behind Facebook, Snapchat and Summly. But we can also find Portuguese examples: Tiago Paiva and Cristina Fonseca were 24 and 23 years old when they created TalkDesk, João Rafael Brites was 22 when he went to the World Economic Forum in Davos to present his volunteering project called “Transformers”, Pedro Lopes developed EcoBook with only 18.

The entrepreneurial spirit has been increasing among young people and to respond to this desire of creating and developing new projects, the city of Porto and Fundação da Juventude developed “Empreende Jovem”, a strategy that intends to showcase the city of Porto as a reference in the field of young entrepreneurship.If you’re between 18 and 25 years old and live or study in the city of Porto, pay attention! This training and educational strategy for entrepreneurship has several initiatives that aim to promote an entrepreneurial culture among young people, helping those who wish to improve their entrepreneurial skills or develop a business idea in Porto.

In addition to the recently created online platform “Empreende Jovem”, one of the first initiatives of the strategy carried out by the Municipality of Porto and Fundação da Juventude, is the contest “Jovem Empreende @ Porto”.

Projects applying should be related with Social or Creative Entrepreneurship. Applications can be submitted on the website Empreende Jovem, until April 28th. The 10 best projects will be invited to participate in the National Exhibition of Young Entrepreneurs (Mostra Nacional de Jovens Empreendedores), which runs in the city, between June 5th and 7th. The top 3 of each category will be rewarded.