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Product-Market Fit: A Tale Of Two Startups

There are many reasons for startups to fail. Lacking clients and market must be the first one.

You have to build products that people need and want to pay for. That’s quite simple and self-evident. But why is it so hard to achieve product-market fit?

You can have an early stage startup or a more mature one expanding portfolio or growing to new markets. Focusing in product-market fit is a never-ending task and that’s why Rohan Garg joined us to share his experience as a founder.

In a Masterclass entitled ‘How to achieve and measure product-market fit‘, promoted in partnership with Product Management Nights Porto, Rohan shared the stories of BuyingShow and Gymondo and why one failed and and the other one succeeded.

You can take a look at Rohan’s presentation and view or review the session to know these case studies and get some tips.