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Positive Blue // Desafios Porto 2016

Positive Blue was the winning company of Digital City category in Desafios Porto 2016. Vitor Prisca, company’s promoter, shared with Scaleup Porto that “the desire to innovate combined with the conviction that the future will bring different applications to be used in completely different contexts from those we see nowadays” led to the creation of the company. It aims to maximize energy savings while encouraging healthy competition among users through gamification techniques.

Positive Blue is a platform in which citizens can analyze their water, gas and electricity consumption behavior in one place. You can check the tendency and compare consumption patterns with people who have households with similar houses dimensions.

This platform promotes “more appropriate behaviours thanks to this comparison which proves far more efficient than the current presentation of consumption”. However, the platform is not only dedicated to the domestic consumer. It also focuses companies and public organisations, such as schools. This can foster competition between schools and promote responsible use of resources, rewarding the most engaged school in consumption reduction.

Desafios Porto allowed Positive Blue to expand the business networking and partners, whose complementarity can serve as accelerator for new ideas and projects. It also allowed to implement and test the “concept of the Game On platform, especially in Dameão Góis’ neighborhood, which will help the product internationalization and take the project further.” One of the Positive Blue main objectives is to reach the digital consumer market through applications that simplify and help to improve the quality of living.

Currently, the company is developing the Game On platform, winning solution of Desafios Porto 2016’s program. It provides a set of monitoring tools and interaction between citizens and the city that will contribute to increasing energy efficiency by reducing water and electricity consumption.

Positive Blue has developed and marketed in Portugal and Angola a platform which integrates SMS with the core business applications – SMS360° – and B4Business, a collaborative enterprise portal. There are daily challenges but the most important is to “achieve a level of profitability that allows us to create a productive and rewarding working environment at all levels. No doubt that the market is the biggest challenge because it is the one that can influence the company’s future. ”

“We feel that we are part of a large ecosystem of innovation and we believe that sooner or later, this experience and participation in Desafios Porto will provide opportunities in terms of business and growth for Positive Blue.”

In the future the team aims to be recognized as an expert in mobility field, gamification and internet of things. Vitor Prisca concluded that “in a world of massive real-time data we want to be able to identify patterns, detect anomalies, evaluate scenarios, impacts and infer new knowledge, without compromising privacy and data security.”