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Portuguese Women In Tech, The Web Summit Warm-Up!

Another month, another activity from ScaleUp Porto.’s Call for Activities – Portuguese Women in Tech, the Web Summit Warm-Up is the event that follows.

The Portuguese Women in Tech movement came to life to share profiles of women that are part of the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem and are creating great things in Portugal – from and for the ecosystem. The event will be a warm-up for the Web Summit and intends to bring the community together.

This Portuguese Women in Tech event is supported by ScaleUp Porto and will be a mix of “Web Summit warm-up” with a pinch of “discover the Porto ecosystem”.

Curious? If so, Save the Date for October 28th. It will be a full Saturday discovering the ecosystem and getting relevant insigths on how to make the most out of the Web Summit.

The morning starts with two different dynamics, one about the Portuguese Women in Tech and another related to the Porto ecosystem, including a walk through the city visiting different players. The agenda includes BLIP, Mindera and another ScaleUp to be announced soon.

In the afternoon, the focus will be on getting to know all the tricks. The Portuguese Women in Tech that have been thriving in previous Web Summit editions will share all they know about it:

  • How to put your startup on the news.
  • How to book meetings with entrepreneurs/investors.
  • How to pitch your idea.
  • The best events, people and places.

To welcome all entrepreneurs that might want to join the event, on Friday and Monday just before and after the event, Porto i/o, a Portuguese Women in Tech partner and player from the local ecosystem, will have its doors open for free to everyone that needs an office. To book a spot just check this link ( and book the day and office that better suits you (Downtown or Riverside).

Get to know all the details of the agenda and book your spot here.