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Portuguese Women In Tech: Hackathon Brought Together 60 Professionals In Search Of Sustainable Behaviors

On September 28, the Portuguese Women in Tech (PWIT) community held its first hackathon at the Alfândega Porto Congress Centre.

The first PWIT community hackathon originated the creation of an application that uses QR Codes to promote more sustainable behavior in cities. This new app resulted from a joint effort by the five winners of the first edition of this initiative.

In just eight hours, five young women designed GMob, an application that promotes behaviors that reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The project was elected the winner of the first programming marathon (hackathon) that took place at Alfândega do Porto. The event aimed to associate technology with more sustainable behaviors.

It should be noted that the PWIT hackathon was attended by some 70 professional participants and young students who, throughout the day, tried to find technological and innovative solutions to challenge climate change in the areas of mobility, circular economy, waste management, food systems and temperatures. extreme.

It is also recalled that the Portuguese Women in Tech community was created in April 2016 and aims to boost the role of women in the Portuguese startup ecosystem. The first edition of hackathon PWIT was supported under the ScaleUp Porto 2019 Call for Activities.