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Porto Is Celebrating Its Tech Communities With An Event Extravaganza [3 Reasons To Join The Party]

Porto keeps growing as a hotbed for innovation and tech. Now, the municipality is launching a new initiative that will cement Porto’s position as the techiest city in Portugal: “Porto Tech”, a groundbreaking gathering that promises to be a highlight in the entrepreneurial calendar. From October 16th to October 31st, the city’s tech communities will join worldwide founders, builders, and enablers in a jam-packed program of more than 10 events. In this post, we’ll delve into what awaits you during Porto Tech and three reasons why you shouldn’t miss this two-week tech extravaganza.

What to expect at Porto Tech

From conferences and tech talks to hackathons and workshops, there’ll be something for everyone in Porto’s tech community to enjoy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • NDC Porto: A conference for developers and tech professionals, featuring talks from leading experts in the field.
  • Bootcamp Road 2 Web Summit: An intensive bootcamp for startups, aimed at representing Portugal at the biggest tech event in the world.
  • Forum on Digital Ethics in Research: Research in digital sciences raises many new ethical challenges resulting from interactions between humans and deep tech. These ethical challenges are the subject of this forum.
  • Porto Data Powwow: The largest data science event organized by students in Portugal.
  • Data Makers Fest: A festival for data practitioners and enthusiasts, with over 50 talks, roundtables, a hands-on tutorial, and surprise activities.
  • Above & Beyond Hangout: A monthly hangout for the entrepreneurial community to discuss the ecosystem’s challenges and gather all stakeholders.
  • IDC Security & Cloud Roadshow: A conference to explore the latest developments in cloud technology and cybersecurity.
  • Porto Tech Hub Conference: A flagship event in Porto, featuring keynotes, panels and workshops on a variety of tech topics.
  • PWIT AI Hackathon: A hackathon for women in tech, focused on artificial intelligence.
  • Semana de Informática: A week-long celebration of computer science, with talks, workshops, and activities for students and professionals.

Participation in these events is open to those who want to discover and connect with communities in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Deeptech and Startups.

Porto Tech will culminate in an exciting gathering that will take place on October 26th at the iconic M.Ou.Co Hotel. This concluding event serves as a way to celebrate the spirit of collaboration between the ecosystem players. That’s what Porto Tech is all about: a celebration of Community. Check out why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

  1. Global Networking

Porto Tech brings together a diverse group of individuals from around the world. Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur looking for potential collaborators, a developer seeking new opportunities, or an investor scouting for promising startups, this event offers unparalleled networking possibilities. By attending the events, you can expand your professional network and build valuable relationships that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and career opportunities.

  1. Skill Development

Porto Tech’s workshops, conferences and hackathon provide the ideal opportunity for skill development and growth. By participating in these hands-on activities, you can enhance your technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity. This knowledge can be applied to your current job or serve as a foundation for launching your own tech projects.

  1. Cultural Experience

With its rich history and culture, Porto serves as the perfect backdrop for Porto Tech. Take a break from the tech sessions and explore the city’s beautiful architecture, savor its renowned cuisine, and immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. Porto Tech is also an experience that combines tech and culture.

Ready to be a part of Porto Tech? Mark your calendar and secure your spot in the city’s lineup of events.