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JScrambler: IT Security Technologies Made In Porto

As the digital era grows and serves us in a personal and professional level, the need of safety grows as well. When it comes to business, security is absolutely essencial.

JScrambler was born to provide an assertive answer to this need. Focused on the development of innovative solutions to protect web and mobile applications and games, JScrambler is protecting code from being stolen or reused, protecting intellectual property from piracy and helping guarantee that software licences are respected.

But…how does it work?

JScrambler encrypts JavaScript code from a website or application, making incomprehensible to the human eye. It transforms the source code, making it harder to understand without changing its original functionality.

The company was born in Porto in 2009. On the following year it launched a solution to protect HTML5/JavaScript code. Two years later, a better version was released.

Since then, they have been reaching several achievements. In 2013 they won the Eurocloud Best Cloud Startup Award and gave the first steps in the international market. In 2014 they were protecting around 280 million JavaScript code lines in 130 countries.

Today they state themselves as:

“The most mature, complete and sophisticated JavaScript and HTML5 protection on the market. JScrambler is currently the only solution that not only protects desktop web applications, but also secures HTML5, mobile, and web gaming applications.

With a new investment to support the growth, the company has been focused on growing and consolidating in the USA, England and Germany.

The connectivity of Porto with other European cities and the fact that Porto has one of the best universities in Europe, are key factors that keep the company in the city.

“There are here the fundamental conditions to start a business.” – says Pedro Fortuna, co-founder and CEO.

Learn more about JScrambler, their challenges and goals, in this short interview: