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The City As A Living Lab – Hackacity Is Back!

Start & Scale Week: Hackacity – 27 & 28 May

The technological marathon that promotes the development of applications to improve the life in the city, is back and with news. The second edition of Hackacity will take place simultaneously in several cities across the world and is part of the Start & Scale Week, promoted by the City of Porto through the ScaleUp Porto strategy.

Hackacity emerged from a connection between the city of Porto and 7Graus. The results from the first edition, in 2015, generated international impact. Therefore, when challenged by Porto, cities like Amersfoort, Utrecht, Santander, Olinda and Recife, decided to join the movement. On May 27 and 28, Hackacity will take place in an international scale.

The cities will provide data in the fields of mobility, tourism, environment and security, so the participants can develop applications that will improve the lives of the residents and the experience of the tourists. These applications may cover issues such as tourism information, support to healthcare, traffic and parking management, among others.

The hackathon is looking for programmers, designers, managers and creatives to participate. Registrations for the Porto edition run until May 20. There will be prizes for the three projects with the greatest potential.

According to Filipe Araújo, councilor of the city of Porto,

“Hackacity reinforces the role of the cities as living labs and the importance of collaboration between the several stakeholders to co-create opportunities for those who live or work in the city or the experience of the ones who visit it.”

The organization has the support of the European Commission, the FIWARE platform, Open Agile Smart Cities and Ubiwhere, providing data and technical support to the participants.