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Call For Activities // The Founders TV Is On!

In 3, 2, 1! Founders TV is on and the sharing of knowledge and experiences of the entrepreneurs of Porto’s ecosystem is now available with just a click!

Selected as one of the activities of the ScaleUp Porto Open Call, which is helping to boost Porto’s entrepreneurial community, the Founders Founders’ 6-episode Vlog is a compilation of videos, in a talk show format, which invites 12 founders of startups and scaleups from the city to engage in challenging conversations.

In each episode, a founder of a scaleup from Porto talks with another founder, in an informal context, but full of knowledge, experience, stories and a great vibe. The focus is to share knowledge, promote an attitude of sharing and mutual aid between entrepreneurs and projects, as well as the international promotion of local projects and entrepreneurship, investment and incubation ecosystem of the city.In a total of 12 founders, the profiles are diverse and each one has something interesting to share.

As an example, episode 1 begins with Paulo Cunha, founder of Shiftforward and of the Founders Founders hub, chating with Carlos Lei from HypeLabs. From testing and exploring, to international programs and post-acceleration investment, through the experience of international consulting in digital marketing that led to the creation of a company in a T1 – Google style – then to UPTEC and later to the home of the Founders.

The experiences are completely different and episode 1 is just an example. Are you curious?

With around 20 minutes each, the episodes are available as a whole – Netflix style – on the Founders Founders Youtube channel. Just click and immerse yourself by the conversations and mutual aid of some of the most interesting startups and scaleups in the city!

List of invited Founders and their companies:

  • Nelson Pereira – Topdox
  • Pedro Fortuna – JScrambler
  • Bruno Azevedo – Addvolt
  • Tiago Sá – Wisecrop
  • Luis Vieira – B-Parts
  • Pedro Roque – Emailbidding
  • Catarina Simões – Last2Ticket
  • João Rodrigues – Xhockware
  • Felipe Ávila da Costa – Infraspeak
  • Luís Roque – HUUB
  • Carlos Lei – HypeLabs
  • Paulo Cunha – Shiftforward