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BySide // ScaleUp Porto

BySide is a company dedicated to lead activation, headquartered in Porto, with offices in Madrid, London and Mexico.

By working in the field of digital marketing, BySide tracks visitors on websites and converts them into sales. The goal is to “activate the visitor” shortly after entering the website, trying to understand who is the user, what value they have for the company and how can they be helped throughout the onboarding process in a website.


“Nowadays, when we say that churn rate is high, it’s not news. Visitors enter a website and quickly abandon, for many reasons”, says Vitor Magalhães, co-founder and CEO of BySide. In order to prevent it from happening and to increase sales from customer tracking process, BySide has created a platform that manages large amounts of data in real time – making it possible to customize content and actions from the moment the visitor enters a website.


Lead activation is the opportunity to reach customers in an innovative way, producing relevant information and acting in real time according to it. It is all about establishing a partnership with customers and customize their needs, increasing their sales and innovating user experience.


Over the past nine years, the company has won several awards and obtained recognitions such as being present in the Deloitte Fast 500 index ranking that recognizes the largest companies in the last five years in the EMEA region, the innovation award NOS (2015), EDP Partners and two ACEPI awards for the best service company for e-commerce.

The future of BySide goes through the internationalization and innovation of their incubator – ByLabs – which presented the first project, ByTalk, at this year’s Web Summit.


Vitor Magalhães says that “being in Porto is a great advantage” he argues that “being in Porto is not being on the periphery, for the rest of the world Porto is a very nice city, where there is an image of innovation and talent, which is very positive for any company here.” Being geographically located in this corner of Europe, allow us connections to almost the whole world in a very easy way.

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