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There is an ecosystem in Porto that cannot stop. The community brought the ideas and there are new initiatives coming to the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem. The Call for Activities is back!

The Call for Activities was created to increase the impact of the activities related to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, developed by the community. After an application and selection process, it is time to meet the activities and make the most out of them!

Call for Activities 2020 in Numbers

Maximum financial support
Selected Activities

Meet the selected activities

Promoter: Press Play (FES Agency) | Portuguese Women in Tech

An activity to support women in technology that want to create their own startup. This program will consist in 3 parts – inspiration, networking and training, to help women develop their skills and their own business.

Promoter: Ripply


An international competition for data scientists focusing on smart cities using open data. The goal is to develop technology knowledge in the community and to bring this knowledge to the ecosystem in the city of Porto.


Porto Tech Hiring Conference will bring together professionals for a conference with lectures and workshops on trends and best practices in the area of recruitment and talent management in the areas of IT.

Promoter: ThePowerHouse

A study for the European innovation ecosystem on the “new normal” and the opportunities for innovation within a scenario of uncertainty and crisis. This will consist of interviews which will be analysed and transformed in conclusions of what opportunities and innovation methods should be implemented in our ecosystem.

Promoter: Tinker City Associação (VIVA Lab)

Making our Future is an activity to raise young people’s awareness of the advantages of reasoning maker and its creative and innovative environment, preparing them for the world of work of the future. And, the best way to do this is to launch challenges that can be materialized and validated. This activity includes an awareness phase, a call for ideas for projects and the MAKING OUR FUTURE Camp where projects will be prototyped.

Promoter: MOXY Studios | OPO.Network

With a series of meetups and online challenges, aims to bring creative communities together, promote initiatives that create awareness, knowledge and opportunities, focusing on JavaScript, Design and Marketing. The goal is to enable both talent and companies.

Promoter: Lemon World

This activity aims to share stories about Company Culture and paths to success and share best practices. Creating moments for individual stories and for shared conversations for companies to learn and interact with different experiences, in podcast talks. Ideas and tools curation for startups to create better teams and organisational culture strategies.

What were we looking for

Technology-based entrepreneurship education initiatives and support for ideation and the development of business ideas

Studies, mappings and assessments of the ecosystem that allow a greater understanding of the same

Initiatives for sharing knowledge and training start-up teams in their various stages of development

Initiatives to promote and boost technological communities.

Important Dates

April 26, 2020

Application Deadline

Until the end of May

Pre-announcement of Selected Projects

Until the end of June

Final announcement of Selected Projects

Members of the Jury

Effective Members:

  • Maria Oliveira (UPTEC)
  • Lurdes Granaxo (Associação Portuguesa de Business Angels)
  • Luís Pinho (Porto Design Factory)
  • Paulo Calçada (Associação Porto Digital)
  • Rui Coutinho (Porto Business School)

Substitute Members:

  • Daniela Monteiro (Associação Porto Digital)
  • Rafael Pires (Associação Porto Digital)

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