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The Call for Activities took place again in 2018 to increase the impact of the actions of the city’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology community, promoting together an even more active and dynamic innovation ecosystem.

Now that all the activities took place, get to know what happened during the year and don’t miss a thing about what’s happening in te city!

Call for Activities 2018 in Numbers

Maximum financial support
Selected activities
People involved
Guest and Organizers
Media Publications

The results of the 8 selected activities include:

  • 4 Workshops
  • 4 Conferences
  • 2 Competitions
  • 2 Award Ceremonies
  • 3 Manuals
  • 1 Business Directory
  • 13 Meetups
  • 17 content videos

Get to know the activities

Organizer: CINTESIS

Thinking about how to improve the “satellite” skills of entrepreneurs / innovators from the Health sector, CINTESIS organized a set of three workshops dedicated to Intellectual Property, Regulation/Certification and Communication. It also released manuals in the three areas, which were distributed to the participants and different stakeholders from the city. This activity also included a survey to identify medical companies based in the region.

14 Set – Intellectual Property

Website | Photos | Manual

21 Set – Regulation/Certification

Website | Photos | Manual

28 Set – Communication

Website | Photos | Manual

Some results:

128 people attended the workshops, that involved 16 guest speakers and 3 partners. Three brochures were developed to provide basic information on the topics of the sessions and the company survey was shared with ScaleUp Porto’s team and companies were added to the Start & Scale map.

DSPT Day 2018

Organizer: DSPT – Associação Portuguesa de Ciência de Dados

A networking and knowledge exchange day focused on Data Science aimed at making Porto’s region an international reference in Data Science. The event gave Data Science enthusiasts an opportunity to share their experience and also promoted dialogue between startups, institutions and national and international associations related to Data Science, creating networking opportunities.

The agenda of the event gathered speeches, speed meetings and an exhibition fair.

Some Results:
– 300 participants and 14 guest speakers from 7 countries
– 25 organizers and volunteers

Website | Video | Video | Photo


Organizer: Founders Founders

Incinerator is a project that gives a dignified end to Portuguese startups and makes founders acquire knowledge during the startup lifetime.
The project included a series of events where founders of a failed startup talked about their unsuccessful case and told their story. It also included episodes about each one of the stories to be published as a series.
The aim of this initiative is to position Porto as the city where failing is seen as a natural part of the process, and where failed entrepreneurs feel comfortable to share their story, leading to risks mitigation while building a solid ecosystem.


  • 10 Jul – Nelson Pereira (TOPDOX)
  • 21 Nov – Frederico Camara (We Go Out) and Miguel Martin (Atiiv)
  • 6 Dez – João Martins (Niiiws) and Fábio Martins (Skilleo)
  • 18 Dez – Ana Ventura (TeamOutLoud)


Incinerator S1E1 · Nelson Pereira and Topdox

Incinerator S1E2 · Frederico Câmara and WeGoOut

Incinerator S1E3 . Miguel Martin and Atiiv

Incinerator S1E4 · João Martins and Niiiws

Incinerator S1E5 · João Carvalho, Fábio Martins and Skilleo

Incinerator S1E6 . Ana Ventura and TeamOutLoud

Some Results:

Besides the recording and publication of the episodes, 4 events took place involving 6 guest entrepreneurs and 150 participants.

Leveraging Intellectual Property Strategy for Scale-up

Organizer: INESC TEC

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) play a central role in the economy and according to the international IPR indicators, there is a gap of awareness and knowledge regarding the strategic usage of IPRs in business, specifically in the ICT area. Through this activity, represented in two events, INESC TEC raised awareness of IPRs and fostered the usage of such IPRs in business strategy.

9 Oct – Workshop: PORTO! IPforBusiness

A generalist, entry-level workshop, providing an in-depth view on IPR that took place as part of an European IPR Helpdesk and European Patente Office roadshow.

16 Nov – Software IP Conference

A first-of-a-kind event in Porto that brought together entrepreneurs and key Intellectual Property experts from reference international companies.

Some results:

More than 150 people involved, from participants to organizers and guest speakers. The public was mainly startups and SMEs, but it also included researchers and bigger organizations.

Ninja Challenge

Organizer: JScrambler

A competition with four Javascript challenges competitors had to solve. Scores were calculated according to the type of challenge, considering submission timings and quality of the solutions. Three competitors were awarded in a ceremony.

Some results:

650 people from across the globe have registered to compete. Three winners were announced and awarded with financial prizes:

  • 1st Place (3000€) – Tiago Nunes aka tnunes, 9829 Points
  • 2nd Place (2000€) – Pedro Amaro aka n42k, 6062 Points
  • 3rd Place (1000€) – Miguel Ramalho aka maps, 6028 Points – Porto Communities Network, 4 Meetups focusing on JavaScript, Design and Marketing

Organizer: Made with Moxy

With a series of meetups, brings creative communities together, promoting initiatives that create awareness, knowledge and opportunities, focusing on JavaScript, Design and Marketing.

The activity included four meetups and content in video to share among the community.

OPO.js #7 – Porto Javascript Community Meetup

Benjamin Coe – Balancing Open Source, Work and Life

Robin Drexler – preconnect, prefetch, preload, pre-what?

Pedro Teixeira – CRDTs as the foundation for Distributed Web Apps

Joana Galvão — Unlocking Your Creativity

Tiago Monteiro — The Power of Honest and Inspiring Stories

OPO.js #8 - André Garzia - Libdweb: towards a user agent that fosters decentralization

Last but not least, here's the 3rd talk we had on OPO.js #8, "Libdweb: towards a user agent that fosters decentralization" by André Garzia, Tech Speaker at Mozilla.

Publicado por em Sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2018

André Garzia – Libdweb: towards a user agent that fosters decentralization

André Cruz – True Serverless

OPO.js #8 - Alex Potsides - NPM on IPFS

Are you ready to review the great talks we had on OPO.js #8? Here's the first one, "NPM on IPFS" by Alex Potsides from Protocol Labs.

Publicado por em Terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2018

Alex Potsides – NPM on IPFS wrapping up 2018

Some results:

Four meetups took place as part of this activity, featuring 8 guests and involving more than 560 participants.

Portuguese Women in Tech Awards

Organizer: Portuguese Women in Tech – Press Play

A celebration of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, focused in the women who are part of it. Aligned with the vision of the Portuguese Women in Tech community, national female entrepreneurs from different fields were awarded in an event that demonstrated their contribution to the Portuguese ecosystem.

The goal of the activity was increasing the visibility of the female technological community, strengthening links and promoting the balance in the ecosystem.

The Process:

After a nomination phase, a shortlist was produced by category and made available for public voting. An award ceremony took place to award the most voted woman in tech per category.

Some Results:

  • 5 Meetups
  • 1 Competition
  • 1 Award Ceremony
  • 9 Categories, 9 Winners
  • +800 valid nominations
  • 235 women nominated
  • +6500 votes
  • +3000 people involved
  • +330 attendees in events promoted

Website | Photos | Photos | Video | Video

Tomorrow Summit

Organizer: Federação Académica do Porto

An activity composed by several events and content, closed by a Summit focused on the role students will have in the future of innovation and technology.  With this activity FAP is showing its willingness to invest in innovation and technology, exploring the role and vision of the Academy for the future.

Visits to research centers

Inovação e Tecnologia na Universidade Católica do Porto

A Universidade Católica Portuguesa tem entre mãos o projeto Alchemy, em parceria com uma das maiores empresas de bioeconomia do mundo! Sabias que também trabalha em projetos na conservação de obras de arte? A inovação está cada vez mais perto de ti! Tomorrow Starts Today!

Publicado por Federação Académica do Porto em Sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2018

Universidade Católica

Inovação e Tecnologia na Universidade do Porto

O MechAlife é um projeto criado para ajudar pessoas com mobilidade reduzida moderada e tem sede bem perto de ti: no INEGI - FEUP. Os projetos mais diferenciadores também existem em Portugal. Tomorrow Starts Today!

Publicado por Federação Académica do Porto em Domingo, 18 de novembro de 2018

INEGI – University of Porto

Inovação e Tecnologia no P.Porto - Tomorrow Summit 2018

Sabias que no ISEP, escola do Politécnico do Porto, existe um centro de investigação de Robótica? A inovação e a tecnologia estão, cada vez mais, perto de ti. Tomorrow Starts Today!

Publicado por Federação Académica do Porto em Sábado, 10 de novembro de 2018


OE 2019

An event to discuss the role of students in economy in the future.


Tomorrow Summit

Resumo: Tomorrow Summit 2018

A Tomorrow Summit 2018 reuniu os estudantes da Academia do Porto em volta da inovação e tecnologia e trouxe respostas para as dúvidas, interrogações e anseios dos jovens acerca do futuro. Afinal, Tomorrow Starts Today. Assiste ao vídeo resumo aqui. #somosacademia

Publicado por Federação Académica do Porto em Sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2018

Summary video

Tomorrow Summit

Tomorrow Summit

Publicado por Federação Académica do Porto em Quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2018

Part I

Publicado por Federação Académica do Porto em Quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2018

Pedro Duarte – Portugal Tech Talk


Some Results:

Around 400 people were involved in the activity, that gathered mainly students from Porto. The videos produced to showcase research in the Academia were viewed more than 3000 times till the end of 2018.

Rules and Application

Members of the Jury

Effective Members:

      • Clara Gonçalves (UPTEC)
      • Daniela Monteiro (Associação Porto Digital)
      • José Carlos Caldeira (Agência Nacional de Inovação)
      • Patrícia Teixeira Lopes (Porto Business School)
      • Paulo Calçada (Associação Porto Digital)
      • Rafael Rocha (ANJE)
      • Rui Coutinho (Politécnico do Porto, Porto Design Factory)

Substitute Members:

      • Margarida Campolargo (Associação Porto Digital)
      • Rafael Pires (Associação Porto Digital)