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A Technology Driven City, Graced By Music

Porto is charming not only because of its natural landscape, history, and friendly people, but because of its cultural and technological environment.

Music plays a big role in the cultural agenda of the city. Casa da Música, Coliseu do Porto, Hard Club, NOS Primavera Sound, and many more will keep you busy in Porto if you’re a music lover. Bring the passion together with knowledge and technology, and you’ll have a hotbed for a set of projects with the eyes in the future of arts.

Based in Porto, Canal 180 is the first Portuguese Open Source TV Channel. It combines TV and Internet in the same platform, giving spotlight to the new generation of artists, broadcasting innovative content, and curating projects from around the world. The award-winning TV channel is on a mission to change the future of media channels.

While Canal 180 is easing the access to art and culture, Musikki is linking every piece of music information and content out there to the right artist, album, and song. The Porto born startup now headquartered in London, allows you to search and browse artists,albums and songs, buy and listen, follow artists, and get notified of upcoming releases and shows. By becoming the most comprehensive and updated source of music data, Musikki aims at being the number one source of music information and discovery powering hundreds of music services through its partner and public API.

People who manage these artists will find the next project very useful for sure. MusicVerb is the Booking Agency marketing software.They help agencies manage thousands of contacts, create market segments based on data, as well as activate and nurture their leads while having actionable insights. Therefore, they can pitch their artists faster, and get more from their work.Innovation and technology also comes in shapes you can actually touch or play.

Specialized in innovation through design and engineeringIDEIA.M keeps a continuous research and development approach with carbon fiber composite materials. Imagine that you can have a guitar with half the weight, double the sound – that’s AVA One, a guitar made of carbon fiber with superior physical and sonic properties that revealed itself to be a major source for innovation within the musical instrument landscape. Here you have four examples of new companies that ally the passion for arts and music to technology to bring innovation to the table.

But many more projects in this industry can arise in the next months with the support of Beta Sound System. This is the first Portuguese program to accelerate new business ideas for the music industry, designed to support the work of the brightest artists, researchers and entrepreneurs, and the most promising startups in the music industry. This accelerator was conceived and will be managed by Porto Design Factory and Casa da Música, with a close partnership with Antena 3.

When it comes to Porto, Tomorrow Comes Today. And this is not only cool music from the famous Gorillaz band, but also an international conference that will take place in the city next October, bringing together some of the leading and most influential players in the global music industry, including bands, record labels, entrepreneurs, promoters, investors, and brands.**

This is more than sound bites; this is a city that vibes to the sound of music.