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Open Call – Make Or Break By Porto Summer Of Code

If you’ve been around, you’ve heard about our Call for Activities for sure: everyone could propose us activities able to shake our innovation ecosystem. Make or Break was one of the selected events, and it is right around the corner!

What started as a student programming competition, has become an event for creative people and hackers, students and workers, designers, programmers, gamers and technology lovers in general. Make or Break will have the same structure from previous years, but with a special emphasis on learning and building a community.

Participants are invited to create a software project or even hardware, but also to learn about different subjects, from hardware to software, from recreational to more serious subjects.

There will be workshops, touching base with some hot topics:

a. Introduction to the Arduino ecosystem and the internet of things

b. My first game with unity3d

c. Should coders design?

Explore the agenda, details, rules and applications HERE.

Curious about the event? Here are the 5 main facts you need to know:

1 – Make or break (MoB) is a hackathon in the city of Porto, the spiritual successor to Porto Summer of Code, brought to you by the same team, taking place from September 8th to the 10th.

2 – Everyone can participate. It’s free, it’s fun, and there are prizes for the best projects.

3 – The projects developed are not just presented but also tested by other participants, meaning that the event has two main phases:

a. Make: 48-hour run to build the best project possible;

b. Break: teams showcase and let other participants test their finished projects;

4 – In the end of the hackathon, a fair will take place where participants will have the opportunity to experiment and vote for each other’s projects in 3 possible categories selecting the 3 winners, one per category. The categories are:

a. Useful: things you could see yourself (or others) using;

b. Funny: things that are entertaining, or generally make people laugh;

c. Hardcore: things of enviable technical prowess;

5 – Satellite activities will take place: workshops, games, etc.