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Open Call: The Future Under Discussion At XFuture Conference

What will be the impact of automation and artificial intelligence in the industry? What about individuals? How will autonomous cars impact the cities we live in? Will we be ready for universal income? How will the future workspaces be?

These and many other questions will be discussed at xFuture Conference, an event that addresses the impact technology will have on the individual, the organization and the society.

The event will take place on November 25th, at BLIP headquarters, a ScaleUp from the city of Porto that will also have the floor to present its work methodology as a case study.

In a full day, some of the most important national and foreign experts on the Future of Work will meet in Porto. Some speakers already confirmed:

Jonathan Imme, from The Arrivers project, builds web tools, events and offline spaces that help diverse people to collaborate, innovate and inspire each other;

Pedro Portela, a specialist in Sytems Thinking, that will share tools that allow us to anticipate the future;

Camille Chapuis, project manager of Ouishare, that has contributed to the creation of a totally collaborative and horizontal organization;

Hélder Martins, representing BLIP, that will be under duscussion as a work model.

Many more guests will be joining to discuss different perspectives on the impact of our actions in the future of work and the way we live.

Who is this conference for? For startups who work with technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, internet of things, industry 4.0 and others. For students who want to prepare for an unpredictable future and who want to realize what skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. For companies, large and small, that want to anticipate the impact that technology may have on their industry and business.

In reality, for all those who want to anticipate what is coming and to be an active part of evolution.