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Masterclass: Licensing Technologies As A Business Model

Technology transfer can strongly impact economic growth. While we’re really good at developing interesting, disruptive technologies, we might not be so good at turning them into products and making them reach the market. Licensing can be a solution to capitalize on the developed knowledge, it can even become a business model, allowing companies to grow, research and development centers to become highly profitable, generating impact to people, and to economy in general.

Kathleen Schroeter, Head of Marketing Video & Wireless at Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, joined us today to discuss licensing models and how to deal with the licensing process, legally and financially, by focusing on real case studies such as the licensing model of the mp3 and H.264 technologies.

Business and research were represented in the audience. After the rich discussion, Kathleen left some advice on the topic:

  1. Work on the right patent-strategy
  2. Build the right team
  3. There is not ONE licensing model, it is not a ONE man show and there’s NO short-cut
  4. Licensing is NOT an exit-strategy but rather a growth-strategy

More Masterclasses will come and more activities will be filling our agendas with knowledge and ecosystem gatherings Keep updated!