ScaleUp Porto's Advent Calendar 2019

We don’t have chocolate for you, but we do have something better, as we all have a sweet tooth for startups.

Get ready for the holiday season. Day by day, come back and we will introduce you to a new startup from Porto.

Life is like this calendar, you never know what you’re gonna get!


Day 1: Smartex

Smartex is an engineered solution to help textile manufacturers improve production yields, by reducing defective production to nearly 0%. It provides quality inspection and monitoring software, suitable for business intelligence analysis. The system is a non-intrusive product, designed to be easily plugged into Circular Knitting Machines. Using signal acquisition devices, sensors, and processing units, Smartex system detects production faults in the output fabric, in real-time and in-line with production, alerting workers and stopping production if the fault is cyclic.


Day 2: Taikai

An end-to-end platform that manages open innovation challenges for organizations or corporate businesses. The challenges are solved by its community of innovators and the best projects are selected through its transparent and auditable voting system.


Day 3: FASTinov

FASTinov is a R&D intensive Startup with a patented disruptive technology to perform fast and reliable antimicrobial susceptibility tests in acute care settings. To support clinical decisions with a fast turnaround time, FASTinov offers a unique time-saving and comprehensive solution starting directly from positive blood cultures. FASTinov allows for the determination of the susceptibility phenotype in 2 hours, compared with +48 hours needed for current standard methods.


Day 4: Wegho

Wegho allows on-demand booking of high quality home and family services. Through a scheduling process of less than 60 seconds, a fair price, and a safe and simple payment, Wegho guarantees that a service provider, meticulously selected, will execute the service to the client with a superior quality standard, which the client has the opportunity to evaluate.


Day 5: Tonic App

Tonic App is the professional app of all medical doctors. It helps medical doctors diagnose and treat their patients by aggregating all the resources they need in a single app. Thus, it increases the efficiency of clinical work: allows fast and safe discussion of patient cases, team collaboration and aggregates content for day-to-day professional use, such as drug conversion tables or clinical calculators. Hospitals and other health organizations can subscribe Tonic App to increase the quality and efficiency of care and reduce costs.


Day 6: Infraspeak

Infraspeak is the simplest, integrated, flexible, and efficient software that excels at the overall process of facility and asset management. Using the most advanced web and mobile technologies, Infraspeak radically increases control and productivity of its users, reducing bureaucracy, risks, and costs. It is directed to companies supplying, managing, or purchasing maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, particularly the ones responsible for large infrastructures, geographically disperse infrastructures, and maintenance- services providers. Everything in your smartphone and computer to save time and money.


Day 7: Azitek

Azitek solution unlocks new applications beyond traditional RFID, such as in dealerships, car distribution centers, shipping ports, and airports. Their goal is to help companies through the digitalization process, enabling higher efficiency and cutting costs.


Day 8: Facestore

Facestore is a complete solution for companies that want to sell online. It's an e-commerce platform that allows any company to open an online store and sell their products or services directly on the Internet, on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Day 9: Beamian

Beamian allows the digital identification of event participants through physical identifiers. The solution is a unit for smart networks (beamers), beamers (display identifiers) and a management platform that monitors and controls all interactions. Optimized for job & career fairs, food & beverage events, and more.


Day 10: AddVolt

AddVolt created the World’s 1st Plug-in Electrical system targeted for transportation markets. With AddVolt ́s technology, transportation companies with refrigeration units can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, the level of noise, and the CO2 emissions during its operation. AddVolt creates high and positive impacts on the driver’s quality of life, while it contributes to have eco-friendly vehicles.


Day 11: Didimo

Didimo is a deep technology company stemming from 14 years of computer graphics and facial animation R&D. It works with some of the largest, most innovative, technology companies in the world as clients. Until now, creating lifelike virtual avatars has been costly and complex, requiring expensive motion-capture equipment and teams of engineers and artists. Didimo was created to give anyone with a smartphone the ability to immerse their own virtual self into their digital world through the fast and simple creation of avatars. In Didimo’s view, the human face is the instrument for connecting someone to the digital world.


Day 12: Predict Churn

Predict Churn is a comprehensive analytics platform to anticipate the cancellation of a subscription service. The platform collects and unifies data from a wide variety of sources, using machine learning to both assess and understand customer behaviour in order to predict which customers will churn, and why.


Day 13: Petapilot

PETAPILOT develops software for analytics and digital audit services. The company develops products and technology platforms for data analysis with high variety and volume, mainly business intelligence solutions, big data, cloud computing, and fraud detection. The main product of the company is Colbi, an analytical tool of commercial and financial information, which offers high scalability and performance. The Colbi serves a number of sectors ranging from government financial regulation, consultancy companies, industry, distribution and services.


Day 14: HUUB

HUUB is a logistics and tech platform for Fashion brands. It supports all sales channels: eCommerce, wholesale, own and franchising stores and marketplaces. It combines tracking, returns and customer support services to deliver a distinctive customer experience. Also, it provides seamless integration with eCommerce platforms and shipping providers to create an ecosystem that simplifies hard and manual processes. It is a data driven company, being Artificial Intelligence one of the core competences.


Day 15: Ilof

iLoF is revolutionizing Alzheimer's drug discovery using bio photonics and AI. Their patented technology identifies unique features of various gold-standard biomarkers, capturing their signature on a cloud-based library. They are enabling a world where all biomarkers have a fingerprint, which will drive to reduce the cost and time of drug discovery. iLoF was part of the EIT Health's Wild Card program that looks to support high-risk, innovative projects with transformative potential. Among more than 70 individuals and teams participating, iLoF was one of two projects selected to receive further support and up to €2M to keep developing their solution.


Day 16: Weezie

Weezie, among others, develops the Fibercloud web and mobile systems. Fibercloud is a simple and intuitive client adaptable FTTx entire solution, designed to Automate and Optimize all the steps of network projects regarding their Planning, Design, Construction and Inventory.


Day 17: Adapttech

Adapttech develops innovative, smart, and wearable technologies to help people with physical limitations improve their quality of life. Adapttech created INSIGHT, an inner socket information gathering tool that empowers health-care providers with a faster and easier way to correctly fit lower limb prosthesis and monitor patients’ rehabilitation process, which has a huge impact in the daily lives of patients and in the work of prosthetists, healthcare providers and prosthetic centers.


Day 18: Dashdash

Dashdash wants to democratize the creation of apps and has closed an investment round of $8 million led by the American Accel, who also invested in Facebook and Spotify. Their technology promises users to create applications using knowledge of Excel they already own. In a nutshell, the best business data and APIs in a spreadsheet.


Day 19: SWORD Health

SWORD Health is focused on finding technological solutions for some of the most important problems in healthcare systems. By identifying common needs across different problems, the startup is maximizing the impact on peoples' lives. The startup, operating out of Portugal, developed a digital physiotherapy solution by combining AI with high-precision motion tracking sensors, allowing patients to have access to high-quality physiotherapy without having to leave their homes.


Day 20: Vantta

With just a finger swipe, and in less than 5 seconds, customers share their opinion. The swipe experience lessens any typical boredom of the forms/feedback systems, resulting in much higher response rates. Ready to integrate with any website or mobile app. It is possible to take full advantage of all the data it collects.


Day 21: Barkyn

Barkyn is a dog products delivery platform. When compared to competition, Barkyn developed a service to be a part of the pet’s family. All orders are signed by hand with the name of the dog. The company has a file of the animal to create all the care and customization for your pet. Also, through a subscription model, customer’s can guarantee they receive food and other canine products at specific times.


Day 22: Abyssal

Abyssal provides cutting- edge 3D visualization, simulation and digitalization capabilities for subsea operations. The goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of subsea operations by providing real-time, visual and collaborative tools to assist oil & gas professionals throughout all phases of a subsea development project. Abyssal works closely with clients, industry partners, and academia in order to provide state-of-the-art software solutions, always with the highest security and data protection standards.


Day 23: Sphere Ultrafast Photonics

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics provides d-scan, a new technology for simultaneous measurement and control of even the most demanding ultrafast lasers. It can handle broadband oscillators, amplifiers, OPAs and OPCPAs, and ultra-broadband hollow-fiber compressors, emitting the shortest laser pulses available today.


Day 24: Fyde

Fyde helps companies with an increasingly distributed workforce to mitigate breach risk by enabling secure access to critical enterprise resources for their employees, partners, contractors, and outsourcers. Fyde’s flagship enterprise product provides granular access controls for your enterprise apps and workloads, continuously monitors access requests, improves the security posture of endpoints, and protects user identities against phishing and account takeover attacks.


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