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There is an ecosystem in Porto that cannot – and will not – stop. Now it is time for the community to bring new ideas and new initiatives that will boost the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem.

The Call for Activities is back!

The Call for Activities was created to support the technology, innovation and entrepreneurship activities developed by the community. After an application and selection process, the supported activities will be announced so we can all make the most out of them!

What are we looking for

Entrepreneurship education initiatives to support ideation and the development of tech-based business ideas

Studies, mappings and assessments that will promote a better understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Initiatives to foster knowledge sharing and training for startup teams in all development stages

Initiatives to promote and boost tech communities.

Rules and Application

Important Dates

May 7, 2021

Application Deadline

Until the end of May

Pre-announcement of Selected Projects

Until the end of June

Final announcement of Selected Projects

Members of the Jury

Effective Members:

  • Luís Pinho (Instituto Politécnico do Porto)
  • Lurdes Gramaxo (Associação Portuguesa de Business Angels)
  • Maria Oliveira (UPTEC)
  • Paulo Calçada (Associação Porto Digital)
  • Rui Coutinho (Porto Business School)

Substitute Members:

  • Daniela Monteiro (Associação Porto Digital)
  • Mafalda Machado (Associação Porto Digital)

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