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The Call for Activities is back in 2018 to increase the impact of the actions of the city’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology community, promoting together an even more active and dynamic innovation ecosystem.

Now that the applications are closed and the actions were selected, they’ll be executed until the end of the year. We challenge you to stay tuned and participate!

Call for Activities 2018 in Numbers

Total financial support
Selected activities

The 8 selected activities include:

  • 4 Workshops
  • 3 Conferences
  • 1 Award ceremony
  • 1 Competition
  • 3 Manuals
  • 1 Vlog Show
  • 4 Meetups

Get to know the activities


Organizer: Founders Founders

Incinerator is a project that promises to give a dignified end to Portuguese startups and make founders acquire knowledge during the startup lifetime.
The project includes a series of events where founders of a failed startup talk about their unsuccessful case and tell their story. These events will also be filmed and transformed into a public series.
The aim of this initiative is to position Porto as the city where failing is seen as a natural part of the process, and where failed entrepreneurs feel comfortable to share their story. This will lead to future risks mitigation while building a solid ecosystem.

Leveraging Intellectual Property Strategy for Scale-up

Organizer: INESC TEC

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) play a central role in the economy and according to the international IPR indicators, there is a gap of awareness and knowledge regarding the strategic usage of IPRs in business, specifically in the ICT area. Through this activity, represented in two events, INESC TEC aims to raise awareness of IPRs and foster the usage of such IPRs in business strategy. The first event – “IPforBusiness – IP Training Roadshow for Innovation Support” – is a generalist, entry-level workshop, providing an in-depth view on IPRs. The second – Boosting Intellectual Property for ICT/IoT – Porto Conference – will be a first-of-a-kind event in Porto that will bring together entrepreneurs and key Intellectual Property experts from reference international companies.

Portuguese Women in Tech Awards

Organizer: Press Play

A celebration of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, focused in the women who are part of it. Aligned with the vision of the Portuguese Women in Tech community, national female entrepreneurs from different fields will be awarded in an event that will show their contribution to the Portuguese ecosystem.

This activity will increase the visibility of the female entrepreneurial community, strengthening links and promoting the balance in Porto. – Porto Communities Network, 4 Meetups focusing on JavaScript, Design and Marketing

Organizer: Made With Moxy

With a series of meetups, aims to bring creative communities together, promote initiatives that create awareness, knowledge and opportunities, focusing on JavaScript, Design and Marketing.

DSPT Day 2018

Organizer: Data Science Portuguese Association

A networking and knowledge exchange day focused on Data Science that aims at making Porto’s region an international reference in Data Science. It will give Data Science enthusiasts an opportunity to share their experience and it will also promote dialogue between startups, institutions and national and international associations related to Data science, creating networking opportunities.

BISTAS LARGAS - para ver mais do que o óbvio

Organizer: CINTESIS

In order to create knowledge, solutions and new products through research it’s not enough to focus on core areas like business plans and funding sources. It is also necessary to invest in peripheral areas, less visible and often forgotten, but that protect and / or enhance the new business.

Thinking about how to improve the “satellite” skills of entrepreneurs / innovators from the Health sector, CINTESIS will organize a set of three sessions with interactive training and discussion dedicated to Intellectual Property, Regulation / Certification and Communication. It will also release manuals in the three areas mentioned above (Intellectual Property, Regulation / Certification and Communication), which will be distributed to the participants and different stakeholders from the city.

Ninja Challenge

Organizer: Jscrambler

Ninja Challenge is an online hacking competition looking for the best JavaScript developers. This competition consists of two intense JS hacking weekends that will end with the winners announcement.

Tomorrow Summit

Organizer: Federação Académica do Porto

With this new activity called Tomorrow Summit, FAP shows the willingness to invest in innovation and technology, seeking to approach these themes. To explore this role and vision of the Academy for the future, FAP idealized an event that, adopting a Summit model, allows participants to discuss issues, present ideas and start projects that affirm the Academy’s response regarding the near future.

It is expected that students recognize Tomorrow Summit as a unique platform full of opportunities and capable of empowering ideas. FAP aims to implement preparatory and pre-event sessions with a project / thinking development path, ending their journey in the main event with companies that can later host them.

Members of the Jury

Effective Members:

  • Clara Gonçalves (UPTEC)
  • Daniela Monteiro (Associação Porto Digital)
  • José Carlos Caldeira (Agência Nacional de Inovação)
  • Patrícia Teixeira Lopes (Porto Business School)
  • Paulo Calçada (Associação Porto Digital)
  • Rafael Rocha (ANJE)
  • Rui Coutinho (Politécnico do Porto, Porto Design Factory)

Substitute Members:

  • Margarida Campolargo (Associação Porto Digital)
  • Rafael Pires (Associação Porto Digital)